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Is Your Type 2 Diabetes or Hypothyroidism
Treatment Falling Short?


Challenge the Health Care Status Quo. Discover Functional Medicine.

1 out of every 3 people you meet will develop some form of diabetes in his or her lifetime.

10% of women have a sub-optimally functioning thyroid.

Every year, there are:

12,000 unnecessary surgeries performed.

7,000 incorrect medications given to patients in hospitals.

80,000 infections acquired by patients in hospitals.

106,000 complications endured by patients as a result of routine prescription drug use.

Functional medicine provides safe, effective, lasting solutions to chronic and debilitating illness and disease.

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Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Jason Shumard, D.C. has postgraduate education in functional endocrinology and clinical nutrition. Over the last five years, he has worked with patients with a multitude of conditions, specifically hypothyroidism and type II diabetes. Dr. Shumard is passionate about helping patients recover from diabetes and take control over their health.

Dr. Shumard is the owner of Integrative Wellness Center of San Diego, which he opened in 2005 with the desire to promote safe alternative treatment options to the community of San Diego.


Transform Your Health in 30 Days

Our program is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to reverse your type 2 Diabetes and live a healthier, happier life. In just 30 days, you can experience life-changing outcomes that will help you take control of your Diabetes and transform your well-being.

How To Reverse Your Diabetes

Discover REAL solutions
for type 2 diabetes!

Dr. Jason Shumard’s book is your no-nonsense guide to uncovering the secrets to healing your type 2 diabetes. Attend our next event, and you’ll receive this book for free as our way of saying thank you. Register now to reserve your copy!

The Thyroid Epidemic

A groundbreaking guide to
total thyroid health.

Dr. Jason Shumard’s in-depth, practical book will take you on a journey to discovering new approaches to treating your thyroid dysfunction. This book is your one-stop shop for REAL solutions to your thyroid issues. Pick up your free copy when you attend our next event. Reserve your seat now!

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