Mid Back Pain Relief

Middle Back Bad Posture Problems

Thoracic Middle Back Pain Relief

Causes of middle back pain are usually from car accidents, poor posture, and sustained sitting from computer and desk jobs. Subluxations located in the Mid Back can not only cause mid back pain, but can also cause decreased nerve flow to certain organ systems. This can contribute adversely to condition such as asthma and poor digestion.

Middle Back Pain Relief is Our Primary Goal

After a thorough assessment, Dr. Strang will customize a treatment plan that makes sense for you. Our primary goal is to get you pain relief for your mid back naturally. Beyond this, we are looking to strengthen your spine over time. This is achieved through a series of Chiropractic adjustments and exercises to improve posture and biomechanics. This will allow your spine to move better, taking stress of the joints, muscles, nerves, and discs. We also address your sleeping habits and ergonomic  positioning at work.

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I started coming here a few months ago and am very pleased with the improvement in my neck and back pain. As a nurse of 7 years, aches and pains are commonplace and accepted. It's wonderful to have an alternative rather than taking Motrin or Tylenol and eventually become affected by side effects. Everything is explained from diagnostics (x-rays), causes of pain, to treatment (which feel great!) & prevention. Questions are always welcome. Staff and Dr. Shane are friendly & welcoming 🙂
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