Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

Chronic low back conditions can be caused by joint and muscle dysfunction. These conditions usually stem from past trauma to the spine; such as car accidents, falls and sports injuries. Repetitive stress from sitting at a computer desk is also a common cause for chronic low pain.

Lower Back Pain and Disc Compression

Low Back Pain is one of the most common causes of absenteeism in the work place. Over time, these events can lead to disc compression, and spinal degeneration of the low back. In many cases, this further leads to pinched nerves causing symptoms such as pain and numbness down the buttocks, and possibly one or both legs. This is referred to as sciatica.

After we assess your low back condition thoroughly, a customized treatment plan is put in place to get you short term and long term results. 

At first, we mobilize your low back with specific Chiropractic adjustments. This is to take pressure off your nerves and discs. Once we get you out of pain naturally, we focus on strengthening your lower back with specific exercises and neuromuscular re education.

In order to maintain the results that are achieved, many patients opt for wellness care moving forward. These tune up adjustments are important to keep your spine moving properly, especially as we age. In many cases, specialized Chiropractic Care in our office can essentially reverse the effects of aging!

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I started coming here a few months ago and am very pleased with the improvement in my neck and back pain. As a nurse of 7 years, aches and pains are commonplace and accepted. It's wonderful to have an alternative rather than taking Motrin or Tylenol and eventually become affected by side effects. Everything is explained from diagnostics (x-rays), causes of pain, to treatment (which feel great!) & prevention. Questions are always welcome. Staff and Dr. Shane are friendly & welcoming 🙂
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