Dr. Ott

Chiropractic Physician who gives back and serves his community


Dr. Ott is a dedicated and patient outcome driven Chiropractic Physician who gives back and serves his community. As a practicing Chiropractor, he primarily focuses on disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system called subluxations and the consequences of these types of disorders on the overall health of his patients. 

Dr. Ott is highly regarded by his patients and professional colleagues as a man of professionalism, respect and as a leader in the realm of Chiropractic, family wellness and sports injury prevention.  After practicing with his father in Oregon,  Dr. Ott and his wife decided to make the big move to sunny San Diego and felt honored to receive the 2015 New Doctor of the Year award by the California Chiropractic Association San Diego District. He was also awarded the 2015 Patient’s Choice Award as a Chiropractic Physician in the city of Encinitas, Ca. In 2016-2017 Dr. Ott was elected by his peers as the California Chiropractic Association San Diego District President and enjoyed working with all his colleagues, other healthcare professionals and sitting down with local, state and federal legislators to discuss ways help improve access to Chiropractic care. 

Dr. Ott is certified as a Fascial Movement Taping practitioner- a certification that is very sought after by the Crossfit community and other athletes because of its effectiveness on blood flow for tissue repair along with helping to keep proper biomechanics while exercising. He also holds a certification in the Graston Technique® which has proven time and time again to be the most effective soft tissue mobilization technique by professional athletes.

Dr. Ott is a Veteran of the US Navy and worked as a Hospital Corpsman “Medic” with the Marine Corp. He is also the 8th Chiropractor in his family and loves spending time in the outdoors running and or hiking with his wife of 19 years and his 2 amazing children ages 12 and 14.  Dr. Ott considers himself a lifetime athlete and he has one goal for himself physically and that is to maintain a lifetime of activity and staying healthy by eating well, thinking well and moving well. 

You will probably hear Dr. Ott’s motto “Movement is LIFE, LIfe is MOVEMENT,  if you are not moving it you are losing it” from time to time during your Chiropractic appointments.

As a member of society, he has elected to become an inspirational advocate for healthier living, conduct himself as a professional, be a competent teacher and a collaborative team player all while maintaining a down to earth personality.

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