Dr Dyer

Chiropractic Physician who gives back and serves his community

Dr. Michael Dyer

Dr Michael Dyer is a Chiropractor with almost 20 years experience. He has seen patients from all walks of life with varied conditions throughout the course of his career. From very ill patients, to the elderly and children, as well as patients with auto immune disorders. He also has vast experience treating professional  athletes and car accident patients. 

Dr Michael utilizes traditional adjustment techniques along with other tecniques like drop table, and postural and structural rehabilitation. 

His approach involves treating patients holistically,  with a series of effective, and impactful adjustments.  This, in turn, improves body biomechanics as well as improves the way the nervous system functions. 

By utilizing specifically designed adjustments, traction and strengthening exercises as part of the patients care, results are highly successful.  

This way of practice is extremely effective for getting patients out of pain naturally; and onto their path to better health and wellness. 

Dr Michael customizes his treatment plan to the patients needs and specific health goals.

As a result, patients maintain their health and improve their overall quality of life through natural Chiropractic Care.

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