Carpal Tunnel

Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief

Carpal Tunnel is a very curious condition, because it’s often misdiagnosed or not fully diagnosed. Medical treatment doesn’t yield great results most of the time, and extended observation usually just succeeds in aggravating the condition.

Injections, braces, physical therapy, and surgery tend to have risks, side effects, and other long-term consequences. Natural chiropractic treatment is the most preferred option when it comes to carpal tunnel.

The “carpal tunnel” is a part of your body, but the actual cause of the pain is known as a Median Nerve Entrapment. Entrapment can happen not just in your hands, but also the neck, shoulder, and other sites. Proper diagnosis can mean effective results and avoiding surgery.

Our chiropractors are specifically trained to find and release your nerve entrapments through gentle adjustments, release of soft tissue, and systematic inflammation control. Chiropractic treatment of carpal tunnel is often the most affordable AND most effective. Plus, you avoid all the unnecessary complications and side effects of surgery and medicine.

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