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San Diego Chiropractor

Integrative Wellness Center provides the Best in San Diego Chiropractor, Massage and Wellness Care available!

Our health and wellness center is dedicated to helping every patient that walks through our doors live a healthier, happier, and active lifestyle.  Our San Diego health and wellness practitioners are here for you and your family to help promote a healthier lifestyle.  We have found that a healthier lifestyle choice starts with a trusted healing environment.

Our San Diego health and wellness center has created a unique approach to bringing you better health and improving your body’s ability to function optimally. We are excited to help the San Diego community live an optimal healthy life.

What Makes Us Different

What differentiates Chiropractors from other healthcare professionals is that we look at the body differently to find the root cause of a problem. We perform a thorough spinal examination, posture analysis and X-Rays if necessary. We look at the body’s biomechanics from X rays, assessing if the curvatures of the spine are normal or abnormal . This thorough assessment allows us to locate subluxations of the spine.

A Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine, causing restricted joint motion, muscle spasm, and compromised nerve flow. Subluxations can lead to decreased range of motion, and degeneration of the spine. This can cause symptoms such as: pain, numbness, fatigue and many other varied symptoms and conditions.

At the Integrative Wellness Center, our experienced San Diego Chiropractor is Dr. Kris Strang.
Dr. Strang is dedicated to educating his patients to give them the tools they need to live their healthiest and most active lives. He wants to empower, motivate, and drive his patients to perform at their highest potential.

Structure dictates function! Normalizing an individual s posture and structure, over time, improves the overall function of the body and nervous system. This leads to better health, and better quality of life!

Dr. Strang is passionate about the healing process, and he is committed to working with his patients to restore their health. 

Since I have been coming in to Integrative Wellness Center I have noticed increased flexibility and strength. I have been able to eliminate most of my medications. I am able to exercise more and I am feeling better.

-Stephanie F.

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