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Noted as a Top San Diego Auto Injury Relief Doctor.

Our clinic specializes in neck injury and whiplash. Involved in an accident? Contact our Doctor today.

Auto injury relief in San Diego

Nobody plans to be in an auto accident, but they happen all the same. When they do, it is important to find an auto injury doctor that can identify and correct any damage to your body.

From fender benders to head-on collisions, auto accidents can be emotionally and physically traumatic. Even minor auto accidents can cause major problems – particularly in your neck and spine. In an auto collision, the sudden impact can jerk your head back and forth beyond its natural limits. This motion can stretch and tear the muscles and ligaments supporting your spine. Your discs may bulge or rupture, and your vertebrae may slip out of alignment.

It’s called whiplash, and it can cause chronic neck pain, back pain and more. In fact, patients who visit our San Diego auto accident clinic experience a wide range of pain and general discomfort, including headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision and pain in the neck, shoulders, legs and lower back.

The good news? You don’t have to live with these symptoms any longer. Chiropractic treatments can correct the damage caused by whiplash and other auto injuries before they cause lasting damage.

Find an auto injury doctor in our San Diego injury clinic.

At our San Diego injury clinic, auto injury doctors will help alleviate your pain and correct misalignments to avoid permanent damage. Active Posture will get to the bottom of your injury, pinpointing the source of the pain and stiffness and creating a personalized therapy program to restore your health.

Using advanced chiropractic treatments, our auto injury doctors will realign the vertebrae in your spine and relieve pressure on bulging or torn discs, allowing the surrounding muscles and ligaments to heal properly. Over time, as the natural curvature of your spine is restored, you will regain your normal range of motion and feel the tension and pain melt away from your neck, head, shoulders and back. No more stiff neck, no more pain.

Get the best in San Diego auto injury care.

If you need relief from an auto injury, visit our San Diego clinic for a personal consultation on how we can eliminate your pain and restore your natural range of motion. We will create a personalized, holistic treatment plan based on your unique circumstances and physiological requirements, combining advanced chiropractic techniques and massage treatments. Active Posture chiropractic care will help you bounce back from an auto accident, so you can start enjoying life again. Visit our clinic or call us today to find out how you can eliminate the neck pain, low back pain, headaches and other symptoms caused by whiplash or other auto injuries.

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I was in a huge car accident and I fractured my spine and I had a collapsed lung.  Before coming to Active Posture Chiropractic I was suffering from constant back tension, but now I feel so much better.  Thank you so much.  -  Jee K.


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